Parents and Carers

Help your child learn reading skills and amazing tricks at home!

Welcome to Skills Academy!

At the National Literacy Trust we want all children to be confident readers and be able to communicate well in writing and talking.

We also want them to develop creativitycommitment and confidence as they learn a new skill.

If you are reading this, it is likely that your child has been selected to be part of the Skills Academy group at their school to help them achieve this. 

Their teacher will take them through 10 skills lessons which will teach them a number of ways to understand the text they are reading. During the lesson, they will complete one or maybe two online challenges which will unlock rewards about freestyle football tricks or beatbox and breakdance. It is possible their teacher has asked them to complete the second challenge in their own time. On completing the second challenge successfully they will be able to download the how-to video which will teach them the weekly freestyle trick or music skill.

All you need to do to support your child is encourage them to complete challenge two at home. Once they have successfully completed this challenge you can then help them to learn the football trick or music skill ready to demonstrate in the next lesson.

Top tips to support your child

  • Read with them for 10 minutes a day and ask them questions about the text. This will help them to learn to understand the text in greater detail.

  • Encourage them to complete online challenge two and help them answer the questions by using the comprehension skill they learnt in the lesson. 

  • Help them to learn the freestyle football trick or beatbox/breakdance routine using the ‘how-to’ tutorial video they unlock after challenge two. Extra practise will give them confidence when showing their friends.